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Weddings & Receptions

Liberty DJ & Sound is a full-service Wedding DJ, sound and lighting company. From pre-arrival music to the last dance, we handle everything!



Sound Reinforcement

Liberty DJ & Sound offers best-in-class sound reinforcement solutions for small and medium size events. We carry pro audio gear for live musicians and offer expienced live sound mixing services.



Liberty DJ & Sound is available for private parties, school dances and corporate events. Let us handle all of your sound and lighting needs.



Welcome to Liberty DJ & Sound

Liberty DJ & Sound is a full-service mobile sound and lighting company. We provide all of the equipment and services required for any event. From small venues to very large weddings, both indoor and outdoor, we have everything needed to make your special day a tremendous success.


At Liberty DJ & Sound, we would be honored to be selected as your mobile entertainment provider. You can book with confidence knowing that you and your guests will appreciate hearing a best-in-class sound system that even audiophiles and musicians will rave about. We combine the best sounding equipment with the professional expertise to passionately deliver exceptional sound quality to any event. Even if your event includes live musicians, you should consider having Liberty DJ & Sound provide the PA system and lighting to compliment and enhance the live musicians. 


Liberty DJ & Sound is not your average mobile entertainment company. We go against the current trend of using nearly-free music streaming services played through low-quality speakers, which at times can be downright painful on the ears. Instead of taking this cheap and easy way of providing mobile entertainment, we painstakingly research and select only the best-in-class equipment to ensure that the music you hear is always of the highest quality available.


This uncommon approach begins with a commitment to use only CD-quality music files. CD-quality music stands in sharp contrast to the music deleivered in a streaming or compressed download format that most of us use as a matter of conveinience or a lowest-cost option of hearing the music we like. While these formats are indeed convienient and cost-effective, experts in the industry along with many well-known recording artists agree that compressed music, such as an MP3 or iTunes file, will have as much as an 80-90% loss in audio fidelity. This loss of fidelity will be most noticeable when the compressed/streamed music is played through a professional PA system at high volumes. Utimately, any compressed audio file will sound distorded and hollow when played through any set of speakers, expensive or not.  


Furthermore, while using CD-quality audio is critical to music fidelity, the source file is only the first link in the audio chain. In order to deliver quality audio all the way to our ears, each component in the signal path must be able to process and send audio at the same quality level as the source. In order to achieve this, we use a professional-quality 24-bit, 96k digital-to-analog converter (DAC) to transform the digital music from the CD into the analog format needed to be played on the speakers, and for our ears to actually hear the music. Additionally, Liberty DJ uses only pro (touring quality) microphones and other audio components to once again ensure the best possible sound for a mobile DJ setup. All of this combines to create the best experience in mobile sound that you and your guests will hear, feel and enjoy. 


Your total satisfaction is our goal at Liberty DJ & Sound.

We have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions. Take a look to see if your question has been answered or use our contact form to get in touch.

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