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Like so many areas of life, being a mobile Disc Jockey or “DJ” is both an art and a science. The science can be described in technical terms of about sound engineering and also in the selection of equipment to get the job done right. The art comes by way of using the knowledge and equipment in a way that creates the desired response from the guests at a function where the DJ is “performing”. When both the science and the art come together, you should expect a great event as a result.


I have a deep passion to do exceptional work as a mobile DJ. I love the science of sound. Objects vibrating air molecules that generate a sound wave of a certain frequency and timbre that can be received by the listener is a concept that still amazes and fascinates me. I spend a good deal of time researching audio equipment and have come to appreciate that there is a remarkable difference between say entry-level product quality and professional or "touring" quality products for audio equipment. These are not just technical differences that only a professional would know or appreciate, but rather the sound/audio quality differences are such that nearly everyone can hear and appreciate when exposed to a quality audio system. Because of this, I have built my mobile sound and DJ gear inventory with the commitment that I will not compromise on technical qualities just to get equipment at a cheaper price. This includes sound boards for mixing, microphones and of course the PA speakers I use.



I have collected an extensive, but always growing library of excellent music for almost every occasion. If I don't have the music or song you are looking for, I would be glad to add this to my library before your event. Just let me know what you want to hear and I will be happy to incorporate your preferences to the music set.


I typically avoid compressed or streamed music formats (MP3s and other formats) if at all possible. Those compresed formats are handy for downloading songs quickly, but that convenience comes at the cost of losing approximately 80-90% of the originally recorded music. While compressed music may sound acceptable when listening on an inexpensive pair of earbuds or on a factory car stereo, the loss of music fidelity is quite noticeable when played through higher-quality audio gear. Therefore, my preference is to only load and play uncompressed, high bit and sample rate music.



The audio equipment used for playing music in a live environment is just as important as the quality of the music source. My DJ controller board has a professional grade DAC (stands for Digital Analog Converter) which is required to play digitally-stored music through an analog device such as speakers or headphones. All digital music must be converted for us to hear it, but the quality of that conversion is dependent upon the quality of the DAC processor. When CD quality music is processed through an equally suited DAC, the music produced for the listener is rich, clean, deep and a true pleasure to listen to by the trained and untrained ear alike.


I have run both analog and digital mixer boards for live sound for years. Yes, mixer boards have a lot of knobs, buttons, dials, faders and lights, and yes they can be a bit complicated. However, once mastered, the mixer is an invaluable tool for the audio engineer to produce the desired sound from every source and have a mix of finely-tuned music & vocals for every desired frequency. For supporting live bands, I would be happy to work with musicians and vocalists to ensure the desired sound and mix is achieved.



Lighting is an important element in setting the right mood and atmosphere for any event, especially if the event is indoors or at night. I am currently growing my LED and DMX controllable lighting gear and would be happy to discuss your specific needs for your event. Lighting options can range from dance floor spots and projections to uplighting, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Just let me know what you are looking for and we'll make every effort to provide the lighting choices that meet your needs.


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