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I replied to myself久久精品国产久精国产思思

My first true bi experience is still one of my hottest memories.I say "first true experience" because it was the first real bisexual thing I'd been involved in.I'd definitely done some fantasizing of my own in the past and I had also jerked off with a friend in my neighborhood a few times over some of his older brother's Club Magazines---the ones with the sex scenes.We had touched each other's penis a few times during these sessions but that was the extent of it.In retrospect, I think he probably would have done more but he moved away that summer.Anyway, more on that later.I didn't count fantasizing and early teen experimentation as bisexual activity.Nope, I was solidly straight.I first had sex with a girl early in my senior year in high school--I was 17 and she was a girl from my class.Buddies had been talking about sex for a while---and I wanted to do it, believe me--but just hadn't sealed the deal until that one night after a high school dance.I guess I did a good job for her because some other girls started showing interest in me.I'd always been told I was cute--wavy brown hair, green eyes, athletic build--but I was known as one of those "Boy Scout" types.Anyway, after that first night, pussy seemed to come my way regularly and I took advantage of that.In the back of my head, though, I wondered more and more why I was turned on by guys.Or at least it seemed like I was when I admitted it to myself.I'd played sports for years, primarily baseball and tennis, and was used to being around naked guys in the locker room.And honestly, it excited me.I told myself it was just the male camaraderie--the "being buddies" with guys that I enjoyed and that nudity in the locker room and locker room talk was just part of that closeness.But sometimes at night I'd let my mind wander back to the locker room and contemplate the various bodies I'd seen---and especially the penises.Some of the guys I knew had really nice penises dangling there between their thighs.But why did I notice that, I asked myself?I was a guy and I liked tits and pussy.I wasn't supposed to be thinking about penises so I'd usually push those thoughts away.I convinced myself that my fascination with cocks was because I had a big one (as commented on good-naturedly by several guys in the locker room---and girls in the bedroom--through the years) and that I was simply comparing.And usually when I jerked off I thought about tits and pussy.But once in a while, those pictures from Club magazine would flash into my head and I'd finish busting my load with thoughts of a stiff penis penetrating a steamy vagina.That was OK, right?I mean, it was heterosexual fucking I was imagining.No harm done.So, flash forward to the following year when I started college in another state.I settled in well and made a lot of new friends early in my freshman year.One of my new acquaintances was on the school's tennis team; I wasn't good enough to make the team but I did still play a lot and had met him through a mutual friend who also loved the game.Shane was outgoing and had a way of making you feel comfortable, like you'd known him forever.He loved to have fun and was always smiling about something.We'd hung out with other friends a couple of times already that fall but still didn't know each other really well.I enjoyed hanging out with Shane in part, I confess, because he was hot.He was six feet, about 180, short blonde hair and very tan.Lean, athletic build and a killer smile.Loads of charisma.And, he enjoyed talking about sex, which was a major turn on for me.It really got me off to talk about sex with another guy.One Tuesday night Shane and I both were bored and looking for something to do but all of the other guys in our usual group had tests or papers due.Shane and I had nothing going on so we headed to a local bar to shoot pool.We were underage, of course, but this place didn't check ID's as long as you weren't causing a scene.We'd had a couple of pitchers andwere laughing and kidding around while shooting pool when this girl asked if she could join us.I say "girl" because she seemed about our age, but she certainly wasn't immature physically.She'd been sitting at a table watching us for a bit and would smile at us when either of us looked her direction.She was fairly tall--probably 5'8"--and had long brown hair and a cute smile.I'd never seen her before---I'm sure I would have noticed her.She had a nice body and it was nicely displayed in a tight T-shirt and shorts."Sure you can join us," Shane smiled, glancing at me and winking."I'm Shane and this is Travis".I nodded and smiled."I'm April," she said."I was waiting all this time for a friend who isn't coming and now I need a little drink and a game of pool."And she flashed a beautiful smile."Good to meet you," I said in my most friendly tone.And the evening progressed--more pitchers and more pool and more laughing and joking.April said she was also a student at our university--a sophomore--but lived off campus in an apartment.Her friend was supposed to meet her for a beer but got in a fight with her boyfriend and decided not togo out.Our good fortune, as it turned out.As we drank more we laughed more and some of the joking took a mildly sexual turn.A couple of times she ran her fingers suggestively down her pool stick and raised her eyebrows while smiling at me.I took the bait.I began to stand closer to her and casually rub her arm while we talked in between shots.I swear she intentionally nudged my crotch with her ass a couple of times while bending over to take a shot.I was feeling it.Shane was flirting with her heavily, as well, but it didn't bother me.Somewhere close to midnight she said, "Guys, I don't normally invite strangers to my apartment but you don't feel like strangers.Let's go back to my place."Shane and I looked at each other."What the hell...sounds good to me," said Shane.None of us should have driven but I did anyway---the folly of youth.Shane and April sat in the backseat together and I heard them begin kissing.Damn, I thought.This was going to be my action tonight and Shane was back there swallowing her tongue.Fortunately it was a short drive.We all three got out and went inside.Her apartment was small but neat.She proceeded straight through the living room to her bedroom and turned on a lamp beside her bed, all the while pulling Shane along by his hand.If I'd been sober I'm sure I would have sat on the sofa or maybe even stayed in the car but I wasn't sober...I was buzzed and I was horned and I was curious about her intentions.She sat down on the edge of her bed and Shane sat down beside her.They began kissing deeply again and I stood in the doorway and watched.Shane's hands were beginning to roam over her arms and back.April's hands were on Shane's chest, pressing against his shirt.Shane slipped one hand onto her breast and she moaned softly.The boy was moving quickly.I was still standing there, turned on but not knowing what I should do.Finally, I came to my senses and said, "Have fun, kiddos, I'll catch ya later."I turned to go but April said, "Wait.Come sit down.""What?" I said."Three seems like a crowd and you're already having fun.""Really, come here," April said."It's terrible to admit, I know, but I've always wanted to make out with two guys at once.I'm not a slut or anything, you're just both so damn cute."And she giggled."And I'm horny."Damn, I thought.Bold."Seriously?" I said, entering the room.My buzzed brain was liking the sound of this."Shane, I think you've got this under control," I said, but with a question in my voice."Dude, it wouldn't be nice to turn a lady down," he replied, smiling, and then began nuzzling her neck like it was no big deal.Well, OK, I thought.Let's do this.I sat down on the bed, as well, and she turned and began to kiss me.It was a strange turn on that Shane had just had his tongue in this mouth and now I was sucking on her tongue.My hands found their way to her thighs and began to caress her there.Shane was still kissing the back of her neck and had both hands on her breasts now, fondling and tweaking.Shane was already lifting her T-shirt off and I had to stop kissing her as he pulled it over her head.She was wearing a shiny black bra that was amply full of breast.Shane's mouth went to her breasts, kissing and nibbling above her bra-line.She threw her head back and sighed and then turned her head and started kissing me again.I helped Shane out by unfastening her bra while I kissed her.I think he appreciated that because his mouth went immediately to one of her nipples, teasing and licking it.Her tits were magnificent, large but still small enough to be perky, and her nipples were hard.As Shane continued to kiss them she reached down and started to pull his shirt over his head.Things were moving at light speed.Not that I cared.He helped her finish, revealing a broad, hairless, tanned chest and chiseled abs.He had some of the nicest abs I'd seen."Stand up, Travis," she said, so I did.I noticed that Shane now had one hand in between her legs and was rubbing the cleft.She still had her shorts on but it obviously still felt good as she was unable to sit still.She reached up and undid my belt and unzipped my jeans.Whoa, Nelly.She wasted no time sliding them down my legs, revealing a significant bulge in my boxer briefs.Shane stopped kissing her breasts to see what she was going to do next.She wasn't shy at all---she grasped the waistband of my underwear and pulled them down quickly.My erection sprang out and she giggled again.I stepped out of my jeans and underwear just as she put her mouth on my dick.It's a good eight, maybe nine inches--I've never measured it-- with a bit of a banana curve to it and she had trouble taking more than half of it in her hungry mouth.I couldn't believe this was happening.I took off my shirt and stood there, enjoying the sensation of this fine woman sucking my cock, and enjoying even more Shane's expression of lust as he watched her do it.It was weird but exciting being the only one totally naked so far.So now I was an exhibitionist?"Hell, yeah, man," Shane said, winking at me.He was pinching a nipple with one hand and still caressing her crotch with the other.She took her mouth off my rigid cock and turned back to Shane to kiss him again.He didn't hesitate, even knowing where her mouth had just been.She started fumbling with his belt.They both stood up and he pushed her shorts down while they continued to kiss.She was working on his zipper.I stepped up behind her and helpfully slid her panties down her legs.Now I reached around her from behind and grabbed her tits with both hands.My erect cock was pressed against the small of her back.Shane stepped back and slid his pants down, revealing his own sizable bulge snaking under the fabric of his boxers.She reached out and tugged his boxers down and a massive boner popped out.Shane's cock was magnificent.It was cut with a large mushroom head; it was straight as an arrow and pointed upwards at a 45.And it was as big as mine.It was engorged and throbbing. "Oh, yeah," said April as she grasped his dick and started stroking.He was now completely naked except for a thin strand of a gold chain that he wore. April turned a little and now had a hand on each dick."You guys are twins," she giggled."You want both these big cocks?" Shane said, putting his hand on her pussy and pulling her close to him."Mmmm.Yessss," she replied."Both of them."She was stroking both of our cocks while kissing Shane again.Our hands explored her body.We were drunk, young, and horned, and we didn't waste much time.Shane was vigorously massaging her clit and I watched as he slid a finger inside.She shuddered.She dropped to her knees and put an arm around each of us and pulled us to her mouth.The tips of our very-nearly twin dicks touched as her mouth covered both.It felt like an electric shock to me, thrilling beyond description.She slobbered on both thick heads and then ran her pretty mouth along both shafts as we both watched her attack our schlongs.Shane clapped a hand on my bare shoulder--as though we'd just finished a tennis match, which seemed slightly strange under the circumstances--and said, "This is fucking incredible.""Yeah, man," I agreed.She took her mouth off our cocks and stood back up.She kissed Shane and then me."Let's fuck," Shane said, matter-of-factly."I want my dick inside you.""Oh, yes, baby," she moaned.I couldn't help but like his style.She climbed on the bed on all fours and pulled me by my rigid dick, as though it was a handle, onto the bed as well.I was on my knees and she began sucking my cock again, licking expertly.Shane climbed on the bed and positioned himself behind her.He slapped her ass with his dick a couple of times.Shane and I made eye contact right as he slipped his fat cock into her tight pussy.He smiled the biggest smile and gave me a thumbs up as he began thrusting.This pushed her mouth further down my cock and she gagged a little.Shane was now staring at my cock as April bobbed up and down on it.This was fucking insane but so damn hot."Suck his fucking cock," Shane said.April slobbered furiously on my pecker, moaning frequently with Shane's thrusts.Shane fucked her for a while in this position before pulling his dick out.It was wet and rigid.April took her mouth off my prick, rolled over on her back and spread her legs.Shane quickly climbed on top of her, guiding his shaft back into her wet cunt.I sat back and watched in awe.I had a fantastic view of Shane's muscular ass and strong, lean legs as he pumped into her.What calves he had.All that tennis, I guessed.Then he shifted forward a little, spread her legs more with his, and began drilling her.Straight up and down, in and out.I now could see the underside of his long penis as it pumped in and out of her vagina and his big bull balls slapping against her ass.Shane's ass was so incredibly beautiful.His big fat dick sliding in and out was mesmerizing.I was stroking myself as I watched."Fuck me, Shane," she cried."That feels so good!"."Yeah, babe," Shane grunted."Fuck, Travis, she feels so fucking good."He said my name.While he was fucking her.That got my attention."Do it, Shane," I encouraged."Fuck that pussy."I was incredibly turned on watching his athletic body as he fucked this amazing hottie.Wait a minute, I thought.I'm watching him and not her.You're drunk, I replied to myself, and this is so fucking incredible.I was stroking my dick furiously watching that big rod of Shane's slide in and out of her pink pussy.Damn.It was the most exciting thing I'd ever watched and I was more turned on than I'd ever been."Oh, fuck, I'm gonna cum," breathed Shane as he pounded furiously.April was moaning rhythmically and clawing Shane's back and ass.That ass.So fierce.I felt like I could see every muscle in it as he tensed."Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh..." he said, "shit..""Yeah, man, fucking cum in her pussy," I blurted. "Fuuuuckkk," Shane yelled as he came.I didn't get to see him shoot his load because he was buried deep inside her but his orgasm was obvious."Oh, yes, baby", April had moaned as she felt Shane squirt inside her.She was bucking against him furiously.As the intensity of Shane's climax began to wear off, he stopped thrusting and collapsed on top of her, kissing her breasts.She was still bucking against him."Oh, yes, I'm almost there," she wailed."Travis, get up in here!" she demanded."Finish me...finish me!"Shane rolled off her, his semi-erect penis flopping wetly against his sexy thigh."You heard her, bro", Shane said, "get that big dick in there."Damn, this was weird.The thought of being watched while I fucked this hot chick was sexier than I would have imagined.Yep, exhibitionist.She had her legs in the air and was rubbing her clit.I climbed between her legs, aimed, and slid my prick into her warm, wet hole.The feel of her wetness and the extra lube of Shane's hot cum was an amazing turn on.I straightened my body and began to thrust deeply into her, impaling her with my rigid cock."Oh, FUCK," she yelled."Make me cum," she screamed.I straightened my arms, supporting myself as I fucked like a machine.Knowing Shane was right there beside us, watching us, made me even harder, if that was possible."Oh, shit, you feel good," I breathed."Fuck her, dude," Shane said, practically in my ear."Fuck that hot pussy.Make her cum."I was trying.I was staring at her face as I fucked...her eyes were looking from me to Shane and her mouth was contorted by moans of pleasure."I'm getting there,少妇人妻上班偷人精品视频" she said, "Please don't stop!Fuck me harder, Travis!" she commanded."Rub my pussy, Shane," she said.Wait.What? I thought in passing as I kept thrusting.I felt Shane's hand slide between our colliding bodies as he complied with her order.He began rubbing her clit with his fingers.I couldn't see it, but could feel his hand brushing my cock every time I thrust.Holy shit, I thought.This is too much.But it wasn't too much---it was better than any fantasy I had dreamed up."Dude, you are fucking the shit out of her," he breathed huskily as he rubbed her clit harder.His fingers were making fairly firm contact with my hardon now as I pumped in and out of her sopping wet pussy.Shane shifted his body in order to make better contact with her mound and I felt his other arm brush down against my flank and ass.It was an electric feeling.I was starting to sweat from the intensity of our fucking.I felt Shane's hand leave the space between me and April and was almost disappointed.But then I felt him approach from a different angle, a hand coming up from behind...from between our legs.I felt the top of his hand brush again my balls as they slapped against her groin.Shane's hand was working her pussy lips and tickling my shaft in the process.His face was close to my ribs and I could feel his hot breath.When I felt him tickle my scrotum again---accidentally?---it brought me to the verge.And then she came, writhing and moaning, her pussy gripping my throbbing dick in waves of pleasure."Yesssss", she was screaming."Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her," Shane kept saying.I could feel the hot energy building in my groin as I came to the edge."Oh, holy FUCK," I grunted as my dick began spurting jet after jet deep inside her, adding to the sticky mess.It felt like I came forever, draining myself into her."Hell yes," said Shane, and slapped my ass good-naturedly.I slowly stopped thrusting and lowered my weight onto her, kissing her mouth, feeling my penis begin to go soft while still inside her....a feeling I'd always loved."Holy shit, that was incredible," said April, still almost breathless."You two make an amazing team"I was still savoring the moment, kissing April, my body pressed tightly on hers, and had begun to ponder all the little "touching accidents" when Shane got giddy."Yeah, we seem to work well together," he chuckled and then actually proceeded to lay his body lightly across the two of us, making a "victory pile" like some kind of sporting event.April giggled and squirmed under our weight.Shane's abdomen was across my lower back and the top of my ass and I swear I felt his limp but still sizable penis touching my hip for a few sweet seconds.I laughed and pushed up against Shane good-naturedly.Too soon, he climbed off.I rolled over and lay on the bed, my erection almost gone.Shane was standing at the foot of the bed, still flushed from the sex, scratching his balls."Dude, you're a fucking STUD," he said to me and tickled the bottom of my foot."You got her off good."His words were hot to me."Well, you got things revved up pretty good to start with," I complimented him back."Y'all are so funny," April said, yawning."It's late and I've got to work in the morning.You're welcome to stay."And with that, she rolled to her side and closed her eyes, still completely naked. Sounds good to me," said Shane, climbing up on the bed.I had to piss, so I got up and went to the bathroom.I looked at my face in the mirror while I washed my hands, not believing what had just happened.So much electricity.And some feelings I couldn't quite explain to myself.I walked back into the bedroom and stopped to stare.The little lamp was still on.April was already asleep, breathing deeply and steadily and facing the wall on the other side of the bed.Shane was lying in the center of the bed, eyes closed, his cock flopped up on his abs.A sleeping Adonis.I was certain at that moment that I wanted him but couldn't believe what I was thinking.Beer fog, must be.His eyes opened for a second and he saw me staring at him."Do I have a bug on me?" he laughed."No," I chuckled. "Then lie down and sleep," he said and closed his eyes again.Since he didn't seem to mind, I lay down on the nearer side of the bed.I considered putting my underwear back on, but decided not to get back up to search through the pile of clothes we'd left at the foot of the bed. I got comfortable on my side, facing away from Shane.I was contemplating what to do about my thoughts regarding Shane when I drifted off to sleep.I woke up briefly later in the night with some part of Shane touching my back.I didn't bother moving and drifted back to sleep.Later in the night, I felt him touch me again, this time a hand against my ass.Again, I didn't move.The hand moved gently a bit on my ass, almost a caress.I remained very still, not even letting myself hope he was awake and that this was intentional; I guess I drifted off again.Some hours later I felt him leave the bed and heard him taking a piss in the bathroom.I turned onto my back and slowly opened my eyes.It was lighter in the room, and I realized it was morning.I was still drowsy but was relieved not to feel very hungover.I realized that I had a massive morning woody just as Shane walked back in the room.I quickly tried to grab a pillow to hide it, just a reflex.He laughed.He stood at the end of the bed with his penis still semi-erect with morning wood, completely not bashful.He scratched his abs lightly."Suddenly shy?" he laughed again."I've already seen that big ole dick in action, bro."It was a little ridiculous, I realized, now fully awake.So I threw the pillow at him.Shane climbed back on the bed and propped up against some pillows, his dick continuing to harden.I noticed April was gone.He saw me glance over."April had to go to work a little bit ago.Told me to lock up.She was still raving about that sex, bro.""Hmmm," I said."Definitely hot.""Yep," he agreed."Fucking amazing, actually."He laughed again.He had begun to stroke his cock a little as he talked."She had such a hot body," he said."Incredible titties and a hot ass.And that twat...."He was now masturbating with one hand and gripping his balls with the other.Was he really lying here jerking off in front of me?Yes, he was.I watched him for a moment to see if he would continue to jack.He did.I propped myself up on some pillows, as well."She was definitely hot," I agreed.I had a few more inhibitions now that I was sober and I couldn't quite bring myself to grab my dick in front of another guy.But there it was, rigid and pulsing."I loved it when she sucked both our dicks."He stroked a little more."Man, fucking her was fantastic.That pussy was SO tight," Shane continued as he slowly stroked his monster."She made me cum quick.I think I jizzed gallons.""I know, I felt it in there when it was my turn," I joked.Where was this leading?I wanted so badly to touch him in some way right then."Yeah", he laughed."Sloppy seconds.Sorry about that.""No worries, it was actually hot feeling that in there," I said, without really thinking about how that might sound."Really?" He looked over at me.I just smiled, not sure what to say."What are you going to do about that woody?" he asked.He was stroking himself a little more firmly now and was now staring at my cock."You ever fuck a girl with another guy like last night?" he asked, making eye contact."No, that was new," I said."I've done two girls at the same time but never with another guy.""You like it?" he asked.What was he wanting me to say?"Yeah, I liked it," I said.And I couldn't help it---I reached down and started stroking my throbbing cock."Fuck yeah," said Shane."What did you like about it?"Damn he was talkative.But I liked that."TBH, watching a friend fuck and get pleasure was very hot," I ventured."Maybe that's weird.""No, that's not weird," he said."I get off on that part, too."He said it like it wasn't the first time."Have you done that before?" I asked, intrigued, still pleasuring myself.My dick was still slightly sticky from the night's activity."Oh, hell yeah."He was still stroking that beautiful cock."I had a friend in high school that I used to tag team with all the time.He's in the Navy now, fucking pussy all over the world.Lucky bastard," he laughed."He was a hot guy, a lot like you."He looked at me again."You think I'm hot?" I laughed, teasing him."Definitely," he smiled."Perfect body---lean, toned, athletic.Great face, good personality."Was he really listing things he liked about me?I must have blushed a little."Um, thanks, I think," I said, still stroking my pole.The tension was thick enough to smother me but I sure didn't want to misread things and fuck this all to hell.I mustered the nerve to say, "You're hot yourself."Which was true.Damn, it was true."Yeah?" he said."Think of the two of us studs fucking that hot chick.She was totally digging it."He was stroking his perfect penis in long, strong strokes now."You should have seen yourself drilling her, Travis.You were a machine.You fucked her so hard she was gasping."His left hand was now squeezing his nipple.I was totally getting off on this conversation.I had overcome any embarrassment and was was jerking my cock with abandon."That fucking hand of yours had her gasping, bro.You were grinding on her clit and she could barely breathe.And you already had her so ready, man.She was so fucking wet after you shot up in her.""Yeah, man," said Shane, breathing harder.I kept on, following his earlier lead."When you first stuck that big dick in her I thought she was going to cum right then, bro.You were fucking her like there was no tomorrow.It was amazing.""Oh, fuck yeah," said Shane, squeezing his shaft."Yeah, Shane, your ass was so fucking hot as you fucked that pussy."That just came out.Too far?"God, Travis, we fucked her into next week," Shane replied."I want to do it again, man, I want to see your face as you blow your load in her hot pussy."I was incredibly close to just reaching over and grabbing his dick but then he said, "Oh, yeah, buddy I'm gonna cum....FUCK."And he shot big gobs of thick cum up onto his beautiful abs, a couple of squirts reaching his upper chest."SHIT yeah" he said as he milked his cock for the last couple of drops.I was stroking furiously, breathing heavily, helplessly horny as I watched my friend bust his load."Damn, Shane, that was huge," I breathed as I kept stroking, bringing myself closer."Come on, Travis, bust it," Shane said rolling on his side to look at me, cum running down his abs and chest.I wanted him to reach over and smear the cum that was on his big hand on me.I almost imagined he was thinking about it, starting to move his hand toward me---that thought brought me to orgasm."SHIIIT" I said as I shot six or seven big wads of hot cum, one hitting my chin."Damn, dude, you're gonna put your eye out," Shane teased.I laughed.Then he jumped up to go grab a washcloth and get dressed."I'm gonna be late for class," he said."Oh, shit," I said, just now noticing that the bedside clock said 840 and I had a 9AM.We dressed hurriedly and quietly.As we put our last articles of clothing on, he snickered and said, "Now for the walk of shame.Hope no one remembers what we were wearing yesterday.They'll know we're sluts."And he laughed again.He was so damn cute when he laughed.As we walked out, he casually said, "Did it bother you that I was touching you last night?"That caught me off guard.Was he talking about during sex or later when we were sleeping?"No," I said quickly."Just figured you were moving in your sleep.""Oh," he said."I was awake."And then added quickly before I could respond, "Catch ya later, gotta hustle."And he walked away, practically at a jog.April's apartment was just off the end of campus where Shane's next class was.I hopped in my vehicle and drove to class, replaying the surreal events of the night and wondering where things might go next time.If there was a next time.--To Be Continued--