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pleaaase!!!! let me go久久精品人妻一区二区三区

my body is shaken awake as it hits the metal floor it's laying on. it's dark, my head hurts and my thoughts are foggy. where am i? i don't remember much. i went out drinking with my friends... we had fun - as always... opened up quite a lot of bottles of the finest champagne - as always... but then... i was heading home, trying to get a cab.... then everything goes dark.... where am i?my body get's thrown around on the floor again. i realize i'm in a moving car..... i try to get up... but my hands are tied behind my back?!?! what is happening?!!!!at that moment the car comes to a stop. i hear voices, the door opens, bright light shines into my face, so i can't really see the guys climbing inside the van and grabbing me by the arms. they drag me out of the van and to a group of people standing a couple of metres away. "here's another one" one guy nods to another. everything is happening so fast, my brain is just not catching up... "what is this?!?!?" i ask more to myself than aloud. another man steps up from behind, puts a leather collar around my neck and secures it with it's leather buckel. then he quickly ties a rope through one of the metal rings built into the collar. they are putting me on a leash!!! my thoughts are racing now. at that moment i feel a tuck on my neck. a man stands next to me holding several ropes in his hand. "Let's go!!" he yells outand starts walking. as he pulls harder on the rope i stumble behind him. so do some other girls on leashes, that i only now seem to notice. altogether we stumble onto a wooden platform that has a row of wooden poles on it. quickly two more guys jump onto the platform and the first guy hands over the ropes to them. one after the other they secure each of us to a pole. my rope gets tied so tightly, that my neck touches the pole and i can't barely move my head anymore."let me go!!! what are you people doing?!!!" i now dare to yell.the talles guy quickly stands next to me, grabs my hair, yanks my head back and menacingly hisses into my face: "you stop whining, nobody wants to buy a whiney bitch. and let the people see, what the merchandise is!" with that he ripped open my blouse with one swift motion...i hear chearing and from the corner of my eye i catch a glimpse of quite a crowd that has gathered around the platform.people also start coming up the stairs to look at us. soon i feel hands on my body. pulling up my skirt and grabbing my ass, fingers running over my face, parting my lips, a thumb getting shoved into my mouth. the men behind us answer questions and advertise our "qualities" to people interested in it. i'm so preoccupied with avoiding all those grabbing hands, that i hear only part of the conversations."how old is she?""she's 19""oh, really, that's hot, my boss would like that.... where does she come from?""she's new. we just got her, she's never worked like this before.... she might be a little unexperienced, but i'm sure she can be trained easily into something wonderful... just look at that body.""yeah, yeah.... she is something!!!" with that he cupped my breast with his huge hand and squeezed it so hard that i moaned in pain.."yeah, you're right, these tits are amazing! she's made to be a little fucktoy! i take her for the regular price!"the other man doesn't answer anymore but i can see them shaking hands to seal their deal.he unties the rope from the pole and hands it to the guy that in return seems to give him a large amount of cash. they shake hands again and without looking at me he walks off the platform yanking me behind him. i'm still in shock when he easily lifts me up and throws my body onto an open pickup truck, where already 3 or 4 other girls were sitting. "behave!!!" he says with a dark, firm voice, then he gets into the car. The engine starts and the pickup accelerates so quickly that all of us tumble over each other. "where are we going?" i ask the girl next to me, but i only get quiet sobbing as an answer. we drive for about half an hour. when we stop in front of a huge palace-like mansion the guy appeared again, grabbed all our "leashes" and gestured us to climb down and follow him. he leads us into the house and has us sit down on a row of chairs in a library. quickly he ties each leash to a chair. i wiggle around a little, trying to get my torn blouse to cover my breasts a bit more. then i stare to the floor.i look up again as i hear voices approaching."i put them in here, sir, i thought you might wanna inspect the new acquisitions before i transfer them to the basement... i think you'll be quite happy with our purchases..."Two men enter the room from the other end. one of them is the tall guy who bought us at the auction. the other one is even taller, broad shouldered. quickly i resumed staring on the floor as they came closer. they passed us one by one. the taller of the two sporadically yanked a head backwards to get a better look at a face, pulled up a shirt or a skirt as he went down the line. his actions had an air of routine, like he really was just "inspecting some merchandise", while receiving the summarizing information about it. i was the last one. i heard the buyer starting up again: "she's still very young and new. but i will train her to be completely adequate in no time...." he stopped abruptly as the other one lifts his hand and gestures him,午夜羞羞影院男女爽爽爽 to stop.He grabs my hair and yanks my head back. "well, what do we have here?????" he askd in a low voice. "roberts daughter!!! i can't believe it! hot little Clarissa! now that IS a purchase!!!!!" my brain was working in overdrive.. what... who? then i realized that this was my fathers business partner, bard olufsson. he used to be somewhat of his protégé some years ago, since he bought and worked his own firm i hadn't seen him much in the last years. a feeling of relief surged through me. i was safe! i could go home! but my emotional high came crashing down almost instantly as he turned to his right hand man and said: "take her downstairs and prepare her according to my directions. But THIS one i will train myself!" he turned around and left the room with a firm step.we were taken down to the basement. it was quite dark and dingy, had several cell like rooms, communal showers and bathrooms and a corridor with more doors to the left and right. we were ordered to undress and as some of us hesitated he stepped closer and ripped off whatever item of clothing we still had on. he then hosed us down in the shower room. he made us turn around and carefully hit every part of my body with the cold water. afterwards each of us was sent to her own cell and some women appeared with clothing that we were supposed to put on. for me it was a tight thong, a tight bra that left my nipples exposed. it was so tight the woman had to help me close it. everytime i breathed in the material cut into my skin. at last i took a white dress. when i unfolded it i dropped it to the floor like someone had bit me. i had the exact same dress at home.... was that a coincidence? the women insisted i put it on though. and since i felt very uncomfortable in my frivolous underwear i was glad about anything i could cover myself with. at last she handed me stiletto heel boots. when i was dressed she led me to one of the rooms down the hall. in front of it she handed me over to the guy, to whom she had referred to as Sergio earlier.he told me to turn around and as i hesitated he pushed me forward into the wall. coming from behind he secured a blindfold over my eyes and forced a ball gag into my mouth. he then led me into the room, tied me to something using the leash on my collar that was still in place. "don't move" he hissed into my ear before i heard a heavy door slam shut...it felt forever until i heard noises again. a firm step coming towards the door. it opened and slammed shut again after somebody entered. he came towards me. "oh dear" he laughed, "you gotta forgive sergio, he has his routine...." and with that he carefully lifted my blindfold. "he likes to train the girls a certain way... me on the other hand..." he started fumbling with the buckle of that ball gag "i wanna look into your beautiful green eyes and i wanna hear your voice the entire time..." and with that he removed the gag. "Mr. Oluffson, please, let me go home!!!" i pleaded, still gasping for air. he came so close to my face that i could feel his breath on my lips, his hand caressed my hair and he whispered in my ear "don't worry Clarissa, now that i finally have you in my posession, everything is going to be just fine. i wanna show you something" he reached into his pocket and pulled out a picture. "do you know, why you are wearing that dress?" i shook my head as he intently looked into my eyes, expecting an answer. "this is the dress you wore at your father's garden party the last time we saw each other. i think it was almost a year ago.... we even took this picture together, remember?" i glanced at it, as i remembered how he had insisted to take a selfie with me - and just me. the picture looked wrinkled and faded. "you have to forgive me, it looks a little bit worn out... you wouldn't believe how many times i came all over it." i stared at him in disbelieve. did he really just say that? my last faint hope of him letting me go disappeared and i had to fight down tears. "don't look so surprised, my little toy... you have made me so hard everyday the last year, i was working with your father... and i masturbate to this picture almost everyday. " again he came so close, that i could feel his lips moving on my ear as he whispered into it:"there's nothing i haven't done to this amazing body of yours in my fantasies, nothing!!! and now i get to do it all over again in real life.""NOOOO, pleaaase!!!! let me go, pleeease, sir!" tears started running down my face. "Well, maybe i will, once i'm done with you... but for now i have so many plans....".


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